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Video Marketing Fundamentals for Artists


How to create professional looking videos without spending hundreds of dollars. 


Are you tired of creating videos of your art that look like an amateur made them? You want a professional look, but don't want to hire a videographer or spend hundreds of dollars on gear.

I get it! I've been there. My name is Justyn Warner, and I am a fine artist, but I have been a professional videographer for over six years.

While I have used some expensive cameras, microphones, and lights for filmmaking, over the years I've realized most of us have amazing technology right inside our pockets. Your phone. 

Smartphone cameras these days have better quality and technology than some beginner DSLR cameras. What matters most is documenting your art using the camera that you already have.

In this FREE 6-day course, I'll teach you how to create high-quality videos with just your phone. No need to buy an expensive camera.

We'll also go over basics like: producing a video that converts viewers into potential collectors, storytelling in a compelling way and rudimentary editing principles. 

I don't want you just to take the technical skills of this free course but also to gain the confidence to produce quality video content consistently. 


Course Content

DAY 1: Benefits of Video for Artists

DAY 2: Affordable Gear Essentials

DAY 3: Creating Art Videos That Matter

DAY 4: Time to Hit the Record Button 

DAY 5: The Basics of Video Editing

DAY 6: Share Your Art with The World


Artists Fundamentals to Video Marketing