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Toronto-born artist Justyn Warner creates abstract paintings that are strong, bold and colorful, unashamed of the journey between possibility and pain.

He also builds a community of artists with the mission to help you unleash your creative purpose through better art, better creativity, better business and better tech.

How Delivering Packages Changed My Direction to Create Purposefully

How Delivering Packages Changed My Direction to Create Purposefully

A purpose driven life prevents passionless living. We must seize potential opportunities and relentlessly pursue our purpose.

The flashers are on my UPS truck, and I’m parked at 60 College St, around the Yale-New Haven Hospital area downtown. It’s a rare moment when I finish my route early, but now I need to wait two hours before I can pick up my 6pm letterboxes.


I would hustle to deliver airs (10:30am commitment) and grounds for the same location, so I didn’t have to swing back, rarely took a lunch break to eat, sometimes I even had to piss in the back of my truck (too much information I know!) because I couldn’t stop, all so I could finish on time and sometimes earlier. My watch would record over 10 miles, and 20,000+ steps walked every day delivering packages, and then I'd clock out around 8pm.

I was sitting in the driver seat, but was I really? Was I in the driver seat of my own life?

What am I doing in this truck?

What was I designed to do?

Who am I suppose to be?

What is the purpose that God has for my life?


Decide Who You Want To Be In This World

I kept thinking what do I desire and want to do with my life? What is my destination? It definitely wasn't in the driver seat of a UPS truck from 8am to 8pm.

I felt like I was getting behind the wheel of my own car and driving aimlessly down the street, no destination in mind. If I’m in the driver seat of my own life shouldn’t I know where I’m going and position it in the direction I want to end up at?

That destination is the fulfillment of our purpose.

“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.”
— Leo Buscaglia

Fulfillment in our life is aligning our actions with the thoughts that were in the mind of our Creator when He designed us.

I knew I was doing something I wasn’t created to do, and suppressing my God-given desires for a paycheck and benefits, I wasn’t using my gifts, talents, and abilities to the highest degree.

I was created purposefully, and I was created on purpose with a purpose in mind.


Identify and Relentlessly Pursue Your Uniqueness

My presence on earth is proof that I am necessary.

I have value.

I have a purpose.

God knew of my purpose before He even saw me - good works prepared beforehand (Ephesians 2:10). He created me to create. He created me because I am needed me for an assignment on Earth that He knew I could do.

My purpose is identifying my specific uniqueness

As every individual has unique strands of DNA. We are both sophisticated and designed for specific tasks. The discovery process is not easy and requires a lot of soul-searching, but once we get on the right path, we start feeling even closer to our Creator than ever before.


Everyday is Another Opportunity to Get It Right

I certainly didn’t figure out my purpose in a day, but I started to take the necessary steps to forge a new path. Get off of the dirt path that has already been paved, and explore, take risks, and have faith on a new road even though we can’t see the destination.

But God can see it.

I was doing the wrong thing for so long, I couldn’t realize it. I didn’t know how to get it right. I wanted to go back to what I knew. What was safe, visible and known.

I can’t fulfill my calling in my comfort zone.

To influence the change in the world and be the answer to someone's problem needs a change in our perspective because it will either become our prison or our passport.

It will either confine us to the way things are or launch us into the way things are meant to be.

Every day was a new day to step closer to my calling.



Nothing Kills Purpose Quicker Than These Three Words

It’s too hard.

We have all said it. Most of the time without consciously thinking it, but these words can kill our vision very quickly. They can make us quit on something prematurely before it even has the chance to be great.

When I say something is too hard it is often because of my fear of failure and my unwillingness to try something new.

How often though do we talk ourselves out of the purpose that our creator has given us?

Purpose is the springboard to fulfillment.

I understand that our purpose is essential and allows us to see something in society that very few people can. There should be a desire to do something, meet a need.

I might be able to see a solution where others can’t even recognize a problem.

Until we release our purpose, we will likely never feel fulfilled. There will be setbacks and people who don’t agree with us, what we believe in or creating, but don’t lose sight of the why in your life.

I won’t allow fear to prevent me from taking control of the wheel and unleashing my purpose into the world.

Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever had that feeling that you were made to do more? If so what were you doing?

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