Zeke, 30x40


Olympian, Justyn Warner is a Phoenix & Toronto based artist.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, he developed a love for drawing when young, but it fizzled out. He received his degree in Health & Fitness when at the start of his junior year he realized he wanted to pursue art or graphic design. Since it was too late to change he was determined to teach himself everything he knew about fine art, graphic, web design, photography and video production. The painting has taken the biggest focus with the rest supplementing his fine art career.

His paintings consist of mostly cityscapes and figurative work, with a love of learning new techniques and painting different subjects. Inspired by light, movement and color he seeks to combine these elements and narrate the relation between them without ignoring the conscious process of composition.

Justyn now lives and works as a painter & photographer/videographer in Phoenix, AZ.  He is a follower of Jesus and is so thankful to Him for family and for providing a job that he loves. 

Check out his blog to follow the journey of creating art inspired by daily life, as well as regular updates on recent work and upcoming events. Thanks for stopping by!