Available originals


Where the wind blows | 36x36"

it had to happen
because while the wind was controlling the boat
God was controlling the wind
if God allowed it
then you can accept it
the very place that you were injured
will be the very place that
your purpose comes from


Pitch Perfect | 36x36"

life’s a pitch
whether you hit or miss
the balls will keep coming
prepared or not you have to play
don’t focus on the balls you missed
the times you struck out
or even your runs batted in
instead set your focus on what’s coming
the next pitch


prepare for takeoff | 18x24"

you waited for this day
you prayed
you positioned yourself
you have stood patiently waiting

while you were preparing
doubt crept in
but on a flight back home you were reminded
you were were created to soar
domestic and international
personal and professional
without limit, boundaries and fear
free flying for you and your family
today you take off indefinitely