Toronto-born artist Justyn Warner creates abstract paintings that are strong, bold and colorful, unashamed of the journey between opportunity and adversity. He explores the languages of color and texture with vast canvas work and delicate paper pieces.

Justyn Warner lives and creates in New Haven, Connecticut. Originally born and raised though in Toronto, Canada, he developed a love for drawing young, but it fizzled out behind his dream of becoming an Olympian.

After spending more than ten years training as a professional athlete, Warner retired from athletics as an Olympian and went full force into his passion for painting. He studied old masters techniques in drawing and painting at the Milan Art Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

About The Work

There is hope. With a strong affinity to movement, Warner aims to connect the desire for something good to happen and the moments in life that detour us from our destiny.

The symmetry from instinctive applications of paint creates robust, bold and colorful works of art. Movement is abstracted with distraction and clarity to bring subtle sophistication to a unique balance of color, composition, and texture. Every piece has its journey and challenges the viewer to see new perspectives which can lead to possibilities instead of pain.

Justyn Warner about abstract aerial artist